Buying Your Business Cards – Choosing the Right Supplier


You’d be forgiven for thinking that all print suppliers are pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s very much the same as browsing through your local copy of Yellow Pages. There will be some very large adverts, and the people behind them may simply be a husband & wife team working out of their garage. It’s the same with the internet.

Anyone can hide behind an advert or a webpage so before you commit to spending a great deal of money with a supplier you’ve never personally met, try and establish if they have been around for a while as it can be quite a problem to get hold of your artwork to take to a new supplier, should your present printer do a disappearing act.

If you pay them to produce artwork on your behalf, check with them to make sure you have full control of copyright before they begin any work.

Templates vs. bespoke
Many web-based suppliers now offer business card templates for the user. There are advantages for you and the supplier. If your design is very basic you can quickly locate a suitable background, choose the correct font style and produce your own card in real-time. You then ‘proof’ the card and hit the submit button, followed by your payment details. Any mistakes would be down to you. The advantage of the supplier is obvious. The artwork is pre-made and pretty much ready to print. As there is no personal service involved, the costs can be kept right down.

If using a template-based system for designing your business cards is not your cup of tea, then you would need to use one of the other types of online printers, who offer a completely bespoke service. Many corporates and small businesses prefer this type of service as they can interact with a real person and get exactly what they require. Another plus point is that the whole of your business stationery package can be controlled from one supplier, as many of the template sites really only just sell business cards. At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal choice.

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