The Best Way to Get Credit Card Approval


The best way to get the approval of the required amount – to provide evidence that you have additional sources of income. For example, you are running a specialist in the legal department, receive a stable salary, and in addition, twice a month, write articles in professional publications and receive a fee of about 30% of the salary. Evidence for the bank can serve, for example, the author’s agreement concluded with the publication or statement of account debit card, which receives regular transfers.

Take a common example: you have a fairly high salary, but gray: Help for 2-PIT will mean only 40-50% because the rest is given in an envelope. It all depends on the bank’s policy and his willingness to take cognizance of gray income. Most of the banks it is, especially if you can provide at least some help from the employer (in the free form or in the form of a bank). If you are lucky with the employer – one sure ride. warned: it is well known that white borrowers for bank preferably gray, and all things being equal the first willing to lend large sums than the latter. But gray borrower will welcome the customer, provided that it will not slip a credit counselor deliberate lime.

What else might be interested in the bank, in addition to the borrower’s income? The answer is obvious: its assets. That is, funds in the bank account, shares or securities, apartment or cottage in the property, having a car (preferably new and did not take out a loan), and so on, until the gold bars stored in a safety deposit box. This includes income from rental to profit from any other activities related to the business, etc.

If you for some reason did not inform the bank of your existing assets or reported not all, do it when you ask for an increase in the credit limit. Of course, prepare the documents to prove that you are the owner of factories, newspapers, steamships, or at least a small-sized privatized odnushki on the outskirts.

A good way to position the bank in your favor will be voluntary and the conclusion of an insurance contract in favor of the creditor. Anyone who agrees to pay the monthly loan payments, not only, but also the premiums, it can count on the prize of a larger loan.

Finally, the bank may make concessions if you find a co-signer – that is, the person who will assume the obligation to repay your debts if you suddenly lose the opportunity to do so. In the case of a mortgage, get a large amount of help blagonadezhnyvy co-borrower. specify: contrary to popular stereotype, a co-borrower can not only be a spouse or close relative. Most importantly, the co-borrower was an adult, capable and solvent, lived in the same region as you, and met all the basic requirements that the bank makes to standard credit customers.

The main difficulty – if no such people in your close environment, then find them quickly in a field not too real.

Think about everything in advance
So you do not have to spend time and nerves on the belief of the bank in its reliability after the fact when the amount of the loan has already been declared and proved to be insufficient, advance performs reconnaissance on the ground and artillery preparation.

To start, determine what is the maximum amount of money you want to get, and for how long. Then use a loan calculator. Enter all the relevant parameters (the level of their income, a way to confirm it, software, etc.) and vote on what you can expect de facto. Select several banks where you have a suitable loan program. Calculate the total cost of the loan for each of them. Choose the best for you.

Learn the requirements for borrowers and direct application primarily to where the best fit into the portrait of the desired client. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a good loan proposal (perhaps even more than the limit, you’re going for).

If you received the approval of applications in several banks (albeit on a smaller amount than you need), no one bothers you to take a combination of two loans. Frankly, it’s not quite fair reception, but nothing illegal in it, if you do not inform yourself about false information or do not want to knowingly fraudulent actions.

Finally, if the shortfall on the loan still befalls, and you desperately need a certain amount of money – it can come to the aid of a credit card. Making it easier than credit (especially the so-called instant Credit card application form), and most of the cards currently provide for the possibility of withdrawing cash in the amount of 100% of the credit limit. However, this pleasure will have to pay a higher interest rate and, as a rule, the Commission for the withdrawal.

Instead of an epilogue
When do you plan to take the credit – and more, more! – Sensibly evaluate their capabilities. Do not take offense to the bank, which, instead of one hundred thousand eighty offered you all. On the contrary, it is a good occasion to once again soberly analyze your financial situation and see how reliable and stable source of your income. Fished from the bank a large loan that you will be not able to do, you run the risk of falling into the sin of the delay, and his regular repetition, ruin credit history. Compare interest rates also useful: it may be taking a smaller amount, but with a reasonable percentage, you will eventually find yourself in the winner?

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