Carry Iced Drinks To your Picnic Spot – Keep Them In Insulated Custom Cooler Bags


Are you tired of drinking not so cold soft drinks while you are at your picnic spot? Here’s the solution for you. Insulated custom cooler bags are designed in such a way that your cold drinks will no longer get hotter with the climate.

Isn’t that fantastic? Well, it is! For a customer, it is beneficial in various ways and the best one is that it keeps food as it is. When it comes to a marketing professional, what is the benefit your brand gets from this product? Well, you can customize it with your brand logo and it will make a perfect gift for your client.

Not only as a gift, but it can also be taken to promotional events, corporate picnics, parties, and other events. It will promote your brand by making it the logo visible in the market and is highly useful for the receiver.

Where to buy it?

The Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company based in Delray Beach, Florida state, USA. They are one of the top manufacturers of Reusable custom bags made from recycled materials. You can customize your bag as you like. To buy custom insulated bags online, visit:

What are the benefits?

  • Spill-proof: It is highly frustrating to look at your food spilled in your lunch bag creating a mess. But why to worry when you have an insulated cooler bag. It keeps the food fresh and is spill-proof. You can personalize it with your brand logo or a hashtag to grab the attention of the people around you.
  • Eco-friendly: It feels good to do something for the environment sometimes. Well, you just need to buy this bag instead of lunch bags. It is eco-friendly and is also a good marketing strategy to show how responsible your company is towards society. Embedding your logo on the bag will help even more.
  • Budget optimized: These bags come within your company’s budget. They are not very costly and are the best items for promotional events. Well, at least they cost lesser than flexes and banners used for advertising.
  • Different sizes: These bags come in different sizes and colors. It is easy to store food and beverages in large quantities. For a corporate picnic, you might want to use a larger size and to gift it to your employees you might need a smaller one.
  • Unisex: You don’t have to buy different items for female and male customers or employees. These can be given away without considering the gender of a person. It is stylish and fashionable.
  • Balances temperature: How would you feel if you are a client and are served cold food at a corporate picnic? Not very good. These bags help you to keep your food fresh and balance the temperature. It can get promoted in all kinds of events without considering the weather. And the plus point is that your reputation will not get ruined.

All-in-all, it is a win-win product from the company’s point of view and the customer’s point of view.

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