How to Make a Minimalist Kitchen Set According to the Design of the House


Minimalist Kitchen Set – for homes that use minimalist designs that are so popular nowadays, of course, the space available for you to organize in each room in your house is also getting smaller. The kitchen room, for example, this room is very important so that it is designed properly and well. Besides useful for storing a variety of equipment and cooking ingredients.

The kitchen room is also a place where you mix nutritious food to meet the needs of your family members. Therefore, the kitchen room must also be well designed, even in minimalist home design.

Kitchen equipment or Kitchen set with a minimalist size is currently the main choice of furniture needed in building a small kitchen. The size of a minimalist kitchen usually not more than the size of 5 × 6 meters.

A minimalist and small kitchen can be tricked so that it looks spacious and maximal. For those of you who work as an office worker or who have a busy life and rarely cook themselves at home, therefore a kitchen with a minimalist kitchen set can be the right choice for you.

Tips for Making a Minimalist Kitchen Set
Here are some tips for designing and how to make a kitchen set with a design that suits the minimalist concept of your home.

Pay attention to the Kitchen Set Design
Because the kitchen is one of the rooms in your home, make sure that the design matches the design or appearance of your home. For example, if your house has a classic design, the design of your kitchen room with a kitchen set that has a classic value. The design of the kitchen area that looks different from the design of the house can make your kitchen not suitable and feels less fit to be seen. Design your kitchen as best you can for you and your family’s comfort.

Note the Kitchen Area
After that, pay attention and adjust the kitchen set with an area of ​​your kitchen area. If your kitchen is minimal and cramped, first put the upper and lower cabinets first. And after that optimize the storage of all kinds of kitchen equipment in the existing cabinet. Do not store knives in the upper cabinet. Because it can cause accidents that are very undesirable. Better to use a knife that functions to store your kitchen knife.

Pay attention to the basic ingredients of the kitchen set
Ingredients for a kitchen set such as plywood are recommended to be chosen. Because its durability in termites is better. Material from plywood is also strong in mounting screws. And while for other wood materials, the quality is quite good, namely meranti or teak. However, the costs required for these superior quality ingredients are not cheap. Therefore it needs to be adjusted to the funds or budget that you have.

Note Finishing Material This finishing has a function to make the kitchen set to be more beautiful and also to protect the basic ingredients so that it becomes more durable and also durable. There are so many types of materials in the finishing process. Some use wood, and you can also consult directly with the maker of minimalist kitchen sets about the material you will use.

Seeing Many Kitchen Designs Find your inspiration in various places. You can visit the interior design exhibitions or just browse for information on the internet. If you inspire more, then you can expand your choices and how your kitchen will look good later.

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