How to Make Your Own Simple Kitchen Set Easy and Cheap


Changing the function of the kitchen is one of the reasons that makes homeowners want to have a neat, comfortable and functional kitchen. Easy steps to make your own kitchen set. Of course how to make a simple kitchen set itself can not be arbitrary because it needs to adjust to the cost, needs, and also the area of ​​the room. A kitchen is a place that is thought of lately.

Placed in the back even considered a very dirty room. At present, the kitchen has actually gone up in class, because it is an important space that gets more attention. Sometimes also, the kitchen together with the dining room and the main room in the house.

Before making your own kitchen set you should think about the design. This design is related to one’s taste. Only lately the minimalist kitchen design is the most choice of housewives. This design not only favors the impression of a modern and spacious kitchen space but also functional. However, before making a choice, first, adjust the design of the kitchen set with the theme of the look of the house. Cook home design with art deco style, but the kitchen is minimalist.

How to Make Your Own Simple Kitchen Set at Low Cost
First, also consider the material that will be used in making your kitchen set. Calculate the area of ​​the kitchen space that will be placed kitchen set. The shape of the space is so influential on the design. For example, whether the kitchen with the form of the letters L, U or others.

Calculate the cost of making kitchen sets. What is calculated is the price per meter of a kitchen set design. Not only the price of the cabinet with the chosen material plus installation. However, that does not include tools for cooking such as stoves, cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, and others.

Determine the Right Location
The first thing how to make a simple kitchen set itself that is very important in determining the right location. The choice you can make according to taste. Popular locations are usually the front, sides and also the back. For homes in standard housing usually combines the kitchen together with home construction planning. Usually, the location of the kitchen is sufficient to meet a standard architectural design.

The location was chosen on the grounds that is to provide good air circulation. Because there is a kitchen on the front side and associated with outside space. The location of the kitchen can also be close to the existence of the dining room.

Determine the Kitchen Set
The second step is how to make a simple kitchen set yourself is to determine the kitchen set. If you have set the exact location of the kitchen, but do not determine the kitchen set in the right way, then everything can be in vain. Usually, designers only make kitchen sets using a simple table and a sink to wash the dishes.

Making your own kitchen set is actually an easy thing. What is so important is when you pay attention to design and function or needs. You can use your kitchen cabinet to make it look neater and orderly. In the selection of materials, you can use enough wood and the color can be adjusted together with the color of your kitchen concept.

Determine Layout
The third step is how to make your own simple kitchen set, which is to determine the layout of the kitchen set. Kitchen sets are better designed in a way that can accommodate each item and the needs of cooking activities. However, the kitchen must also be arranged in such a way as the placement of gas stoves, chimneys, bins and others.

The refrigerator should be placed in the corner of the kitchen that can help you to switch to food storage in a proper way and not too far away. So that you avoid spending time just going back and forth. The oven can be placed under the gas stove or on other kitchen platforms. Also, determine the size of the kitchen platform that allows you to store goods and arrange shelves and cabinets for storing food. Which is not reached by insects like ants.

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