Google Recipe Search Engine: Delicious Recipes Now at Your Finger Tips


The company just opened a search engine for recipes. You can search for recipes according to the ingredients you have in your kitchen or want to consume the calories.

According to Google, it would make life easier for cooks who access the site looking for recipes. But the real innovation is that the search will be based on structural data in which the programmers put the codes rearranged using their sites that are useful for reading done by machines.

It’s called the “semantic web”. In it, each piece of information will have a well-defined meaning, called metadata, and no longer a sea of content. You no longer have to search what you want in thousands of links, it will behave as a whole and not as a lot of information released.

The new feature will appear in the list of options on the left side of the results page. The newly introduced search engine offers up options to refine your search as “options curry” or “recipe of fewer than 300 calories.” As in common pursuits, the revenue will not appear as a result but rather links to recipe sites.

“Google revenue ” will be the first search engine built entirely of pages that use structured data, provided by the creators of the sites. It is necessary that developers to take care of this task. The director of Google’s product search, Jack Menzel, believes that only a few hundred sites are publishing recipes in metadata, but some as large as the Food Network and Epicurious already began.

He hopes other sites follow suit. “Our intention is to try to engage the process and create this ecosystem,” said Menzel. But he does not want to task the lives of programmers, it leaves in their hands if they believe reflect the new option will bring more traffic to your website. “This is more a pragmatic response to the dream of the semantic web.”

Here is good news for Windows, Linux and Mac users as the updated version – Google Chrome 11.0.672.2 – of the Chrome Dev channel is out. This piece of news also confirms the much-expected promotion of Chrome 10.0 to Beta status.

What new users can expect is a lot including an upgraded V8 engine, an XSS Auditor with a whole new design, fixed crashes and certain tweaks specific to Mac. In fact, the XSS Auditor will be set by default.

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