Top 10 Media Players for Your Pc


People get a great amount of satisfaction by having a media player in the computer which can play any multimedia content from cyberspace, hard drive or any other source, rather than having one, which could not recognize or interpret some video and audio codecs.

As a matter of fact, some people use more than one media player on their computer to play some particular multimedia file format. For instance, previously we need to have a DVD player in the computer to play DVD files, as the Windows media player does not support DVD file formats, and similarly, QuickTime media player should be installed to play Apple multimedia contents, as other media players do not support Apple contents.

Let us have a sneak preview on some of the most effective and most recent media players, which can indeed play all the file formats of the multimedia content.

Top 10 Media Players For Your PC
1. Daum PotPlayer
The Daum PotPlayer is a powerful media player that comes with loads of cutting-edge features. This newest media player comes with a brilliant set of features like a huge internal audio and video codes list, crystal clear playback at very low utilization of the system resource, a wide range of subtitle support, a massive assortment of player skins, themes and multimedia library, live streaming and compatible to play any file format.

2. KMPlayer
The KMPlayer is a diverse media player that can support a range of media formats. The KMPlayer is an ultra-compact player which comes with features like less amount of system resource usage, automatic skipping on damaged frames while playback, multiple language compatibility, advanced skin features, holomorphic playback selective information, caption explorer, multifaceted audio and video personal effects and much more features.

3. VLC Media Player
The VLC media player is a highly compatible media player with various operating systems and comes loaded with features like user-friendly interface, customizable toolbars, automatically fix the damaged multimedia contents, frame capture features, playback looping, live broadcasting and highly compatibility with the DVD format.

4. GOM Player
The GOM media player which is exclusively designed for the Windows platform. The GOM media player comes with straightforward features like automatic fix and playback of AVI files, direction pop-ups for installation of missing codecs, quality playback of any damaged media contents, effective subtitle support, frame capture, audio, and video effects.

5. SPlayer
The Sprayer is a multifunctional media player which comes with unique features like user-friendly interface, high compatibility with Blue-ray and DVD formats, the potentiality to play damaged files, system control after playback, smart subtitle matching, GPU accelerator, multi-tasking features, frame capture, webcam recording with audio and video effects.

6. UMPlayer
The Universal Media Player (UMPlayer) comes loaded with a rich set of features like YouTube recorder, easy to use interface, recall media position, multi-operating system compatibility, a wide range of audio and video file format support, closed caption, audio track switching and much more awe-inspiring features.

7. player
The player is an easy to use media player which comes features like multiple file format support, video segments looping, movie bookmarking, video frame and audio segment capture, huge inbuilt codecs list and online codec download.

8. DAPlayer
The player is an all in one media player built for Windows which is packed with a lot of unique features like high-definition playback, multiple file format support, superior audio system, minimized resource utilization, TrueColor system and much more.

9. DivX Plus Player
The DivX Plus Player is a one-stop media management program designed for Windows that comes with features like crystal clear playback, SRS audio fusion, surround sound, video library, multiple subtitles, auto-generated chapters and much more.

10. Kantaris Media Player
The Kantaris Media Player is an open-source media player which plays any file formats, an auto search of suitable subtitle for the playing content, wide range of music visualizations and much more.

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