Fashion is Fashion-oriented and Influenced by What Occurs


The word “fashion” in the dictionary sense of taste, style, techniques, and methods are used to in terms of how a temporary means of a society based on individual taste and lifestyle, such as getting dressed type, custom catering and decoration and architecture of the house and socialize sets.

Thus, it can be said of changing fashion tastes of some or all of a sudden, and frequently refers to the tendency of a particular behavior, or consumption of private goods, or adopt a specific style of life.
Fashion history.

With various aspects of human social life, it becomes clear that there AH Fashion is always unique in human history, not contemporary. When informed of this phenomenon in every period of history and selection according to culture and social context of the intellectual and ideological failure occurred not only rise but not as a result of social, cultural, social, as the development of communities and individuals living areas visually perfect symmetry is provided.

Positive fashion sense borrowed from other social progress and civilization to the positive achievements of others, to overcome the shortcomings of social life, with the lives of the humdrum and day by day more strength prevent headaches Basic life support and created the unpleasant behaviors and practices that cause or disgust people away from each other may be prevented.

The roots of fashion: Man is created in such a way that always elusive and the steady-state of change and innovation in life is welcome. This willingness to embrace change and innovation if normally and gradually be made aware of the appearance of human life makes it pleasant.

So something innate desire for self-assembly and beautify the living environment thanks to its adornment appearance of the human environment and motivated to provide excellence in the social life and relationships, and maintaining human rights empowerment. Thus, the factors that cause people to rage or smoothing of each human life, the environment and the positive aspects of social life away from his friends and the beauty of the human ego, which is flourishing day by day.

One of the greatest aspects of efficiency and beauty of human love, especially the youth, but be careful of the aesthetic process of the natural state of the normal and the does not get out natural talents reasonable all the cauda aspect deviates and bring adverse effects. For example, self-assembly, which is rooted in his desire to save human innate and Zybapsndy. If the negligence of, or in consequence of, or affected by extremes of Induction wrong side and right out the natural route, head of the affairs of the self, pride, sale, selfishness, and bring modishly.

Factors, each of them in turn, led to the emergence of failures, passion plays, misdirection, and wastefulness of competition and will Tbzyrha and humans will become pets Posts. So you will follow the fashion and beauty and diversity-friendly, the root of the human body is such a variety of needs, it is considered as the main source of innate Zybakhvahy and seeking perfection.

But if current trends extremist, (modish), the result of ignorance and lack of awareness and lack of spiritual values ​​and broad campaign Khvdbakhtgy enemies and blind imitation of others or as self Rzayly contamination, boasters, inferiority and low self-esteem. That goes for people who are very dangerous and should be avoided.

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