What is Fashion Good and Bad?


But really what is fashion? Good? Bad? Fashion is in the original French word, which is used in English too. Its origin dates back to Roman and possibly pre-Roman ancient Rome, which is the mode. Modo’s rendering of what they say or say something in common is that they belong to modern-day. But what most of us in Farsi that we use, so-called fashion is fashion. American fashion in the sense of taste, style, technique, and style

And the term is used, the procedure is temporary and that means a society based on individual taste and lifestyle, such as clothing, custom types of entertainment, socializing, decorating, architecture and house … Is set. Thus, the study of various aspects of human life, said the first fashion phenomenon always unique in human history, and not contemporary.

Secondly, if this phenomenon in every period of history, and the conscious selection and the intellectual and theological framework of culture and society have not only led to the emergence of cultural and social disorders but also as a social achievement, in turn, growth and excellence culture and great communities and individuals living areas visually perfect adornment provided.

Why we love it
The second dress is so defined by one of the designers., He says, “capture mode too
obsessive to be someone who just wants to buy the” latest fashion “clothes to wear, regardless of whether he is, or not.

Why wear it
I think fashion victim is someone who only wants to wear dresses day., He made all the
clothes that the designers suggest, has purchased (in units), they will be merged clumsily, and this cause terrible Brigade it does not look cool. These people may not feel good suit at all, only because of the clever seller told them “the latest suit” must be purchased.

Clothing fashions
What do you think about wearing beautiful clothes that people do not think of fashion?
You should always feel in your clothes, so you wear clothes that are right for you.
always on your mind Imagine how Pvshshtan and merge them so that they fit you. If you feel when your fashion clothes and shoes he wore Tyztan tip to toe, you people look at you differently, they do not use it anymore, because these clothes are not made for you.

Every season some new clothes and buy them with other clothes in your locker, you can merge. It’s way less expensive and too handsome to keep you in all seasons.

Before buying a new outfit, ask yourself whether to buy it or like it is fashion? Also, ask yourself if it is a mark on the front pocket of the shirt was not even buy it? If you really do not like the clothes you will not be comfortable wearing it and therefore it is better to discard the buy.
type based on what you see on TV or in magazines, do not change. The only weird clothes to attract celebrities and actresses of color and style dress for daily wear, they are not.

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