What Are the Types of Makeup Ways


These methods to hide imperfections colored spots, freckles, skin roughness, local wound) is used. and thereby can make your face shape, nose, eyes, and Be changed. Makeup to correct facial expression gives a refreshing and healthier. Decorative arrangement by nearly natural feel and observe the facial organs. The makeup should be natural and just about feel and observe. Abnormal facial dolls way too much makeup makes the offense will attract attention.

Sometimes nasty and signs will also be tilted art based on the use of colors, but the contrast is well-founded. All decorative materials such as powders, lipstick colors, eyelashes, eyelids, special pencils, and various creams must be consistent with the color of eyes, hair, skin, face shape, long life, morality, personal clothing, and light… Be matched. Proper Makeup is always unique. It should be concise, elegant, (anti-dramatic) is.

way to face:
1 – the cream onto cleansed skin powder paint. The cream should be considered in selecting the skin properties for dry skin, oily cream for oily skin, creams, half fat.
2 – cream color could be a little darker or lighter skin.
3 – They should be seen as consistent color skin type and choose Properties. For dry skin, oily skin and cream colors of paint to use dry powder form.
4 – basic color powder should be proportional.
5 – around the lip pencil lipstick colors for color difference should not be colored. And that means the preferred form of the lips to give. Apply a thin layer of lipstick on the lips.
6 – Shannh your eyebrows with a brush. After a short hair like the brow pencil lines will form.
7 – Check the shadow of the eyelids.
8 – Take a paintbrush or pencil, eye shadow, and line.
9 – eyelashes colored ink.
10 – All face powder and stir.

* Before eye makeup and a bright and attractive look depend upon the balance eyebrow makeup is appropriate for your eyes.
* All eyes are to the arrangement and shape of their eyes through a special arrangement of its own.
* Look carefully at the form of his eyes.
* Your eyes are in every shape and form, you can use the following table to identify and learn the skills and secrets to better use them.
* Removable lid should generally be less common and use brighter colors to amplify all look to be of particular importance.
* Remember that at the end of a brush to blur the line between dark and light shades.

The first step is to make the eyebrows. Play the role of eyebrows frame the eyes, a beautiful picture frame is more beautiful and looks good. Real nice for the eyes and eyebrows contribute more to show themselves, but if they are taken regularly and form. Eyebrows should try to keep it as natural as possible. Just need to take some eyebrows a few hairs sometimes changing the form are completed. It should be noted that when removing eyebrow hairs are removed one by one in the direction of hair growth. It is necessary to remove the eyebrow should follow a few tips.

We should note how we form the eyebrows. Gvshhadakhly put up eye pencil in Amtda nose, eyebrows will be made ​​to the starting line. Hair between eyebrows should be removed. Put the nose along with the pencil so that it passes through the pupil or the presence of the vertical face of the outer edge of the eye passes. We now specify the location of the highest point of the eyebrow. The pencil nose, outer corners of the eyes in a way that we pass on to define the endpoint of the eyebrow.

Welcome eyebrow form will be adding beauty and charm to the extent that even the eyebrows, eyes, we can also express our feelings. When the eyebrows are thin and high-brow when he noticed that most of the audience to be members. the outer corner of the eyebrow and the distance between them is too low look a bit empty and indifferent to the eye.

Wide and thick eyebrows close together and petulant frown face shows. The normal distance between the eyes is equal to the width of one eye’s natural eyebrows. The eyes should be close to the width of an eye between the eyebrows, and we do not mind a little pencil in the inside corner of the eye to eye measurement to be exposed.

For the eyes as far apart as the distance between the brow and eye pencils to assume a more quantitative measure of the process, but the outer corner of the eye. Some people grow on eyebrows down the tweezers for eyebrows and eyelashes should make them short, and it is interesting that this type of eyebrows and eyelashes, even the way down and direct all their growth can be the oven Rocking eyelashes give

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