Alien Dalvik Enables Android Apps to Run on Other Platforms


Are you fond of the latest Android apps but are afraid of them getting outdated by the time you actually possess one Android device? Give up all your worries since the recently launched Myriad Alien Dalvik, a brand new software solution, will enable you to install any Android app on any device, including non-Android phones and those that do not run on non-mobile OS.

Alien Dalvik comes from the giants in the domain of mobile software – Myriad Group. Alien Dalvik empowers OEMs, application stores and carriers to easily deploy Android applications in various devices based on various platforms as the Android ecosystem is much more smoothly accessible by them.

On the other hand, OEMs, application stores and mobile carriers will experience Myriad Group’s pronounced position in Java technology and unmatched Android expertise gathered over the years by producing the best-in-class Android solutions. The biggest surprise of Alien Dalvik is that it works on any operating system with equal competence without compromising performance.

Alien Dalvik promises prosperity to the already booming industry of Google Android. As Android opens up to diverse operating systems through Alien Dalvik, it would not only bring them new revenue opportunities but also a wider customer base. The creation of Alien Dalvik bears testimony to the age-old impeccable relationship between Myriad Group and Google.

Alien Dalvik can run the Android apps on diverse OS without the need for any modification. This lowers the burden on application store owners who can just repackage the APK (Android Package) files to easily and rapidly render Android apps store services.

Also, Myriad Group claims that Alien Dalvik while running the Android apps on different platforms will retain the apps’ native look so that transparency inexperience of the end-user is maintained. Besides, Alien Dalvik will ensure that all the apps are installed on compatible devices in a hassle-free manner.

Alien Dalvik will first make its appearance on the MeeGo operating system towards the end of 2011. Subsequently, its compatibility with various other platforms will be declared in the months to come. However, Alien Dalvik has already been successfully demonstrated on Nokia N900 in the Mobile World Congress that was recently held in Barcelona

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